Free Session

All ages

We are happy to offer a free breaking session to anyone who is curious about getting into breakdancing or wanting to get to know The Break Center studio.


Begginner Classes

Toddlers, Youth & Teens

Breakdancing is a great way for your child to express their creativity and build confidence. We teach expression, coordination, balance, rythm, timing, and how to follow directions.

From toddler to adult we cover the basics of top rocking—upright dancing, down rocking or footwork—dancing on the ground, and freezing which is performed at the end of a set or intermittendly throughout a routine to impart more personal creativity and style.


Intermediate Classes

Youth & Teens

For those with experience breakdancing we'll work on advanced footwork, style and routines.


Private Lessons

Toddler, Youth & Teens

Private lessons are a great way for you to break through your own style. If you prefer 1 on 1 instruction or need extra attention—private lessons are a great option.


Open Sessions

All ages

Need a space to practice, want to bounce ideas off other breakers or jump into impromptu battles? The Break Center of Kansas City is proud to offer free open sessions every Monday at 6PM. Stop by, no registration required!

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